Safety Consulting Services for Business

Customized safety improvement solutions for any type of business; on-site in the Pennsylvania/West Virginia/Ohio tri-state area, or remotely. Certified Safety Professional (CSP) designation and over 33 years of professional consulting experience for various types of businesses, such as contracting/construction, manufacturing, service, transportation, oil and gas, excavation, utilities, healthcare, municipal, and many others. In-depth safety needs-assessment, focused solutions, recommendations for improvement, and customized guidance to prevent accidents and mitigate claim losses.

Please complete form or email me directly at with your questions and summary of your safety consultation needs.

Example Services Provided:
  • initial walk-through safety assessment,

  • insurance carrier mediation assistance,

  • safety program review & development,

  • safety, health, environmental, and liability protection review,

  • construction site safety inspections and audits,

  • supervisory accountability programs,

  • accident trend and loss analysis,

  • accident investigations,

  • risk management,

  • safety committee development/implementation,

  • contractual risk transfer,

  • subcontractor safety,

  • fleet and heavy equipment safety,

  • driver MVR review programs,

  • Safer/SMS reviews,

  • OSHA and DOT compliance,

  • insurance claims management,

  • modified-duty return-to-work programs,

  • product liability & completed operations,

  • fall protection,

  • trenching/excavation safety,

  • strain prevention and ergonomics,

  • pedestrian liability protection,

  • traffic control,

  • safety committee training,

  • accident investigation training,

  • machine safeguarding,

  • building life safety and fire protection,

  • and other areas.